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Upcoming Summer Projects

I think this is my most exciting post yet. Okay, so it’s the first one but that’s what makes it so exciting!

At first I wasn’t too sure what I should post. I was torn between jumping right into a sew-along or simply introducing myself but quickly decided that it was too soon for a sew-along and I already have a whole page talking about myself so quickly dismissed both of those ideas.

Instead, I’ve decided to talk about my upcoming summer projects.

The Bombshell Swimsuit

If you’ve not seen this pattern designed by Heather Lou (Closet Case Files), I insist you go to her site and check it out (after reading my post, of course!). I first learned about the Bombshell Swimsuit from a post by Tasia on her Sewaholic blog. I’d been searching for a bathing suit all spring that I would feel comfortable wearing (I seem to have a little bit more of me in the stomach & upper thigh areas this year) and instantly fell in love wit it.  I decided I HAD to make one for myself. I’ll be sewing it this coming weekend and plan to follow the sew-along.  I definitely see this project as a bit of a challenge because I’ve never sewed a bathing suit before.  Fun!

I think the gingham is perfect for the Bombshell Bathing Suit.

The Jamie Dress

I have two weddings to attend this summer and I plan to wear this dress designed by Carla C (Scientific Seamstress) to wedding #1.  I’m all about versatility – if I’m going to spend my time sewing myself an outfit, I want to be able to wear it on several different occasions. And I definitely think this dress is just that.  I love how casual this dress can look (as seen on her website) and how dressy it can look as well (as seen on Etsy), depending on the fabric used.  I’ll start this dress as soon as I’m done the Bombshell Swimsuit and since there’s a sew-along, I figure I may as well follow it as well!

Large floral print in fun brighter colours perfect for summer. 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Cambie Dress

Okay, I am SO in love with this dress! The Cambie Dress was designed by Tasia from Sewaholic Patterns Inc. I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually make one of each version but for this occasion, I’m making View B. This is the dress I’m wearing to wedding #2 and I’m as excited about the fabric I picked as I am about the pattern itself!  I wasn’t able to find a sew-along for this dress on the Sewaholic blog so I’ll be sewing without. I plan on starting this dress once I finish the Jamie Dress, which still leaves me plenty of time to finish it before the wedding.

These blue flowers remind me of something I’d find on a tea cup made from fine china.

So, that’s my summer project line-up.  It’s a lot but mini-sewer will be away visiting family for two weeks so I’ll have plenty of  time to sew. I’ll create posts of each project, which will help to keep me on track and I’ll be sure to include photos as well.

I’d love to hear about some of your summer sewing projects. What’s in your sewing project line-up? Do you find you sew less during the summer because the weather is nicer? Or does the summer inspire you to sew more? If you do sew in the summer months, do you sew summer outfits or do you sew for the upcoming colder season?

Happy sewing!

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