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August Love & Some Quilting Incentive

This has been one of the most memorable summers ever!  Here in the Vancouver area of BC, we’ve had the most amazing summer weather and it’s been such a treat.  It’s definitely been a great incentive for sewing some cute summer dresses and a Bombshell Swimsuit!

August Love

As I write this I’m trying not to think “where did August go?!” but rather stay focused on how great this month was for me.  There were so many memories created but here are my top three:

  1. I started interning at Sewaholic with Tasia!  I cannot tell you how privileged I feel about this.  I’ve never worked in the fashion industry before and I really want to get some hands-on experience of what it’s like so this is a perfect opportunity for me to get a feel for it.  I’ve only been there for a month so far but what a month it was!  Even though I’ve been sewing for many years, I know there is still so much I can learn and that’s exactly what this month has been all about for me – learning!  Isn’t it amazing how much a person can learn when you keep you mind open and look for the opportunities?
  2. I registered for my classes at school!  I cannot believe that in just a little over a week I’ll be taking a program that is directly related to my passion and will eventually take me down a whole new path!
  3. My blog.  It’s brand new with only six or seven posts and so many people have already stopped by. Some have even left a comment and each one has left me feeling so supported and encouraged!  A huge thank you to each one of you who has made a point of reading my posts.  Definitely feeling the love and support!  I know there are so many popular blogs out there to read so I truly am grateful you take the time to look at mine.  Such a confidence booster!

Some Quilting Inspiration


This is the latest book I recently added to my collection.  Maybe it’s because I’ve now got the fall season on my mind but I’ve been thinking a lot about quilting lately!  Which is why I couldn’t resist this book when I stopped by Spool of Thread to pick up a pattern.

The entire book is filled with so many cool blocks.  I took pictures of some of the blocks so you could see how great they are though it’s hard to pick a favourite one – there are just too many awesome ones to choose from!

Applique upon applique.

Applique upon applique – look how cute the tiny leaves are!

At first glance, my thought was “too complicated!” but it turns out it’s really not complicated at all!  I’ll definitely be making a quilt out of it:

Looks tricky, doesn't it?!

Looks tricky, doesn’t it?!

Even though this one has a hint of a traditional quilt block in it, the variety of pieces (or maybe it’s the way they are pieced together) definitely gives it a modern touch:


And check this one out!  I’m not sure I’ll make this one but I think it looks pretty spectacular:


More applique – who can resist adorable little mushrooms?!


The book is laid out so the left page is a full-page colour picture of the block and the right page contains the instructions for constructing the block.  I love that it’s not a book filled with pages and pages of words to tell you how to make the block.  Instead, it has one page of instructions for each block with diagrams and line drawings.


And hello awesome table of contents!


It shows a tiny picture of each block beside the name of it and the page it’s on.  Love it!

All-in-all there are 99 different blocks contained in the book.  And almost all of them I would make.  Hmmmm…. do I see a sample quilt of all these blocks in my future?

What about you?  Do you have any great books on quilting you’d recommend?  Please share!

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  1. Elizabeth #

    I don’t have any book ideas but I love love the cathedral block. I dream of a cathedral quilt…! One day!!

    September 2, 2013
    • The cathedral is SO amazing! When you make one, I’d love to see it!

      September 3, 2013
  2. Congratulations on the internship oppty. with Tasia! How exciting.
    I too have a new blog after years of sewing and agree that there is always more to learn.
    A cathedral block quilt has been on my “must make” list for years. I’m going to check out this book.
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming journey.

    September 8, 2013

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