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Top 5 of 2013

Yikes, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to post! Primarily because it was crunch time at school but also I did something (tore? pulled?) the ligaments around my right SI joint, which pretty much crippled me for the last couple of weeks. Seriously, I could barely walk. Luckily I had Mr SA and our kids around to help me because this has been going on since before Christmas. Thankfully, I’m starting to get around much better and I’m once again able to fend for myself. And just in time to post my top 5 for 2013. So let’s get to it!

Top 5 Misses

Okay, as hard as it is to admit this I have way more than 5 misses for 2013 but these are the ones that hurt the most.

1. My first Archer & what I was considering to be my wearable muslin.


Yup, this was my first Archer AND the first button down shirt I’ve ever made. I was so proud of it. Right up until I was cutting open my button holes and sliced right through the threads while I was cutting the one on the collar. I tried to correct it but it was really difficult to do because the button hole was already cut out.

And here is what I ended up with.


Needless to say, while I’ll probably not wear this shirt in public now (while I’m sure it’s not as noticeable to others as it is to me, I think it’s the most obvious thing EVER!), I will wear it at home. Anyway, lesson learned. I will be much more careful from now on when cutting open my buttonholes!

2. My tea cup Cambie Dress. Another huge and hurtful miss! I was planning on wearing this to my cousins wedding last summer but cut it out a size too big. Don’t ask, I have no idea how I managed to do that. Ugh, I can’t even believe I’m admitting this. I was rushing to get it done and because I never have to make adjustments to the tops with Sewaholic patterns, I didn’t bother trying it one until it was already put together. And of course, the top was too big and gaped open right across the chest. So, I have this beautiful size 10 Cambie Dress that will hang in my closet because I don’t know anyone who likes it that it will fit.


3. My striped Renfrew. Would you believe that while I was serging the seams of one of my sleeves, I cut through part of the sleeve that had somehow got caught up underneath. Totally unfixable!  I’m normally so careful about checking such things but somehow missed this. I have no picture for this though in hindsight, I should have taken one and taped it to my serger to serve as a reminder.

4.  I haven’t been as active on my blog as I want to be.  Mostly because in the grand scheme of priorities, family, work, and school are at the top, which doesn’t leave much extra time for blogging.  But I’m going to keep plugging away because school will be over in less than two years.  And thanks to the last month, I’ve realized just how much free time I have when I’m not in school.

5.  Quilting.  I love to quilt and yet I just haven’t had a lot of time to do any!  I have a quilt I made for a baby gift that I made (for a baby born last April, I might add) and I have yet to finish it.  I also have two super cute fairy panels to make into quilts.  But there they sit in my “to do” pile waiting to be made into something beautiful for my nieces.  Maybe these will be on my Top 5 Hits for 2014!

Top 5 Hits

1.  My Bombshell Swimsuit was definitely a highlight for me in 2013!  It’s the first bathing suit I’ve tackled and I’m so happy with how it turned out.


2.  I learned how to knit this past fall.  I’m already on project # 3 – a scarf with cables and twists.  Next up?  A pullover sweater using merino wool.

3.  My blog!  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and so I took the plunge!  I love the on-line sewing community and I’ve always felt so inspired reading through sewing blogs.  Having my own blog allows me to keep track of projects I’ve made as well as develop a journal of sorts so that I can refer to it at a later date and review my notes.

4.  School!  I decided to apply for a part-time program in fashion design and was accepted.  It’s definitely made for a very hectic schedule but I am enjoying every moment of it!  Semester two starts on January 6th and I’m hoping it won’t be as much of an adjustment as it was in September.

5. Interning with Sewaholic is definitely another huge 2013 hit for me!  I’m so grateful for the opportunity and it’s definitely humbled me, which in an odd sort of way is exactly what I was looking for!  Well, not the humbling part but what it is that makes me feel humble.  I thought I knew so much already but I’ve learned so much that I’ve realized just how much more I still had to learn.  And I know there’s still so much more to learn.  Working with Tasia has been a terrific experience and I’m so grateful!  (PS – I happen to know 2014 is going to be an AMAZING year for us Sewaholic pattern fans!)

Top 5 Reflections

1.  I purchased a lot of patterns that I haven’t yet used.  Is it wrong that I’m totally okay with this?

2.  I definitely did not need all those patterns but I sure am glad I have them!

3.  I definitely did not buy enough fabric.

4.  A cover-stitch machine would be the bees knees.

5.  Is there such a thing as too many patterns and too much fabric?

Top 5 Insprirations

1.  So many talented sewing enthusiasts!  Lladybird, Sew Busy Lizzy, Goodbye Valentino – too many to mention!

2.  School

3.  My new sewing machine & serger

4.  My sewing space (I’m getting an even better one in 2014!)

5.  People-watching (An example of how people-watching can be so inspiring is Bill Cunningham – need I say more?)

Top 5 Goals

1.  Fill the gaps in my wardrobe with outfits that I love, that I’ll wear and that are made by me!

2. Incorporate more physical activity into my life

3.  Keep on top of my blog posts

4.  Complete my one year sewing challenge without fail  (so far so good!)

5.  Develop a pattern

So that’s it!  How about you?  Did you share for your top 5?

Happy sewing!

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  1. Cindylou #

    Buttonholes…what I do to avoid these! The shirt looks amazing, congratulations my friend and keep plugging away. You inspire me!

    January 1, 2014
  2. Ummm, totally awesome sewing. And really, school AGAIN?! Like I said, we REALLY need to catch up! Doing so over a bottle of wine, or ten, would be even better!

    April 2, 2014
    • Thanks! Yep, school again! I can’t seem to get enough of it. 😉

      April 3, 2014

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