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Gift Ideas for 2014

Now that the holiday season is over for the most part, I’m looking forward to jumping into some new projects.  December wasn’t really a productive month for me due to a lower back injury (I will never take my back for granted again, I swear!) so I’m eager to get to it.  But while December wasn’t really productive project-wise, I did get some very cool gifts throughout the last month that are certainly going to help me be more productive in January!  Which is what made me think about doing this post.

I know the timing may seem a little off given the biggest gift-giving event of the year just took place but I figure since there are so many other opportunities to give gifts (birthdays, mother’s/father’s day, graduations, or because someone is just plain awesome!, etc.) throughout the year, it’s really a post that’s worthwhile to publish at any time of the year.


I know there are at least a kajillion sewing gadgets out there but here are just two practical and in-expensive little gift ideas that could be put to use by every sewing enthusiast.

Button-hole gauge

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I’ve learned off-kilter button holes cause me great distress.  Every time I look at my first button up shirt, the one button hole that isn’t evenly spaced is the first thing I notice.  (Well that and the button hole I destroyed in the collar.)  It’s only off by maybe a half a quarter of an inch but I know it’s there.  And it bugs the crap out of me.

I have my 2nd Archer project cut out and ready to roll so I’m super excited to try this out.

Button Guage & Needle Nest

Needle Nest

Okay, is it just me or do others manage to loose their needles as much as I do?  I don’t know where they go (I’m afraid of how I will find out sooner or later) but I’m forever losing/misplacing those little buggers.  The bottom of this little guy is slightly magnetic so the needles stick to it.  So helpful!  I’m actually going to get another one for the kit I take to school.



I’m new to the world of knitting but now that I’ve learned how to knit, I know I’ll be knitting for years to come.  So rather than having to purchase an individual needle set for each new project, I’m now the proud new owner of this needle set!  Thank you, Mr SA!  It comes as a set of needles with different length detachable tubes that connect to any of the sets of needles.  This particular brand (Hiya Hiya) has two different sets – size small needles and size large needles.  This is the small needle set (large needle set is on my wish list).  The bonus is the beautiful case it comes in.  Cool gift idea for a knitter, right?!  This was definitely one of my favourite gifts this year.

Hiya Hiya Knitting Needles


Since I’m new to knitting, I don’t really have a stash of yarn.  And since I’m still learning about the relationship between needles and yarns for various types of projects, I’m hesitant to start building one.  Plus, I’m trying to avoid accumulating yet another stash like my fabric stash.  Since I couldn’t really do much else for most of December, I took full advantage of the time to knit to my heart’s content.  Mr SA was so considerate to stop by my favourite yarn store to pick up this beautiful merino wool for my next project, which is my first attempt at a sweater.  This made me think what an awesome gift this would be for someone who knits.

Knitting Project for Needles


I can never have enough books.  EVER.  Especially when they’re about something I’m interested in.  And I’m pretty good about reading the books that I do get.  I’m very focused on the art of fitting right now so I’m reading and watching everything I can get my hands on about fitting.  I’m also interested in how fashion has evolved over time so I was very happy to receive these books.

Books make such a great gift and there are so many good ones out there to give!


110 Creations

110 Creations - A Sewists Notebook

Tasia gave me this very cool book called 110 Creations.  I was so excited to receive it because it’s something that I’ll definitely use.  Especially after reading Lladbird’s post about sewing and time managent.  I’ve always had a queue of sorts but never really an organized queue so this will definitely be helpful.

Some features:

It’s a beautifully bound book, which I find so much more practical for these sorts of workbooks than how books are typically put together.

There is an entire page dedicated to each 110 projects where you can note the pattern you’re using for the project, the fabric, notions, and accents.  There is also plenty of room to document notes for sizing and alterations, seam finishes and ideas or thoughts for the next time you make the project.  There’s even a mini croquis for you to draw your garment on!

Here an example – I’ve entered my first project, which is an Alma blouse I’m making.

101 Sewing Projects - Alma Blouse

There is also a section at the start of the book dedicated to a project list, which acts as a table of contents.

110 Creations - Project List

And at the end of the book there are pages dedicated to record when you change your needles, a pattern catalogue and a place to record items for your wish list.

110 Sewing Projects - Needle Exchange Record

110 Sewing Projects - Pattern Catalogue

110 Sewing Projects - Wish List

The author, Beth Byrge, has updated the book to make it even more awesome than it already is!  She’s made the croquis lighter (the croquis in the first edition was a little too black), and the best part is, she’s added a measurement chart!  You can read more about the book and Beth on her blog.

Wouldn’t this make a cool gift?!

Gift Certificates

Try as I might, I cannot get my oldest daughter into sewing.  Lord knows I’ve spent hours day-dreaming of having at least one of my three daughters follow my foot steps and getting giddy together over sewing projects, fabric, patterns and the likes.  But alas, that dream isn’t coming to life anytime soon. Even though she isn’t into sewing, she certainly understands my love of it and gave me one of my favourite gifts this year – a gift certificate to one of the best fabric stores in our area.  So now I get to go shopping for fabric or a pattern or whatever floats my sewing boat, which is definitely a favourite past-time of mine!  The best part is, whatever I buy will always make me think of her.


This is definitely a gift that any sewing obsessed fabric hoarder/pattern junkie such as myself would love to get.

These are just some of my ideas but I’d love to hear some of yours!  Is there anything you’ve received as a gift or purchased yourself that would make a great gift?

Happy gifting!

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