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Miss Moss – A Denim Mini Skirt

Oh, Miss Moss is a beautie of a skirt made from the Moss Skirt pattern from Grainline Studio.  And best of all, the pattern is easy to sew and fits perfectly into my sewing agenda of versatility and practicality.  I’m so happy to have FINALLY removed this pattern from my “to-make” stack of patterns.  It’s been there for SOOOOO long! (And you know, that stack never seems to get smaller!)  Read more


Serger Tip – An Easy Way to Match Thread & Fabric

I know weekends are supposed to be fun-filled but these days, my weekends are just as busy with work as my weekdays.  But it’s happy work that I love and thankfully the weather sucked it this weekend so I could steel away guilt-free.  Nope, no guilty sewing for me! Read more

Completed: A Green Alma

Yes, it’s a VERY green Alma Blouse!  And yes, I realize the Alma has been around for a while and I’m a little late to the party but whatevs.  Who says a pattern party has to end anyway?!  Okay, I have to gush about the colour before I go on with the details – I LOVE this colour!  It’s definitely one of my favs and I hope it looks as good on your monitor as it does in person.  ‘Cuz it’s GORGEOUS in person!  🙂  Read more

A Domain Name Change & Follow Us on Bloglovin!

Just a quick post to let you all know we’ve changed our domain name for our blog. You can now find our blog at  The .com domain is being moved to another site, which is not quite ready to launch (which is why you get a “down for maintenance” message) and is still in top (sort of) secret mode.

Also, a reminder that you can follow us on Bloglovin, which may we just say is a super-terrific easy way to read all your blogs on one site!

A jolly good sewing day to you!

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Completed – A Pair of Renfrews

Can you believe it’s the middle of May already?!  So many exciting things happening around these parts but I’ll have to save that for another post.  I am bursting to talk about it but I have a few things to sort out first before I can elaborate.

Read more