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We’ve Moved!

It’s true!  There’s all sorts of stuff going on over here at The Sewing Affair and to accommodate all the exciting things we’re doing, we’ve had to move our blog from a site to a site. This is because with the site, we’re very limited in what we can do whereas a site allows us to have total control over our website.  In order to move all of our followers over (you shouldn’t have to do a thing if all goes according to plan!) from Bloglovin’ and, we have to create this post to announce our move.

So what’s going on to cause all this fuss?  Well for starters, we’ve started a podcast called The Sewing Affair Podcast!  Each week we’re going to talk to someone from today’s sewing world and learn more about them.  The podcast has officially launched (today) and our first guest is Seamstress Erin from so be sure to hop on over to the new blog at and have a listen!

We have another big reason for moving to a new site as well but we’re not quite ready to make that announcement.  So stay tuned as we’re hoping to make that announcement this coming week!

We’ve redirected to the new site as well however if that’s still taking you to the site, you may have to clear your browser history. Thanks so much for your patience while we’re making this transition!

See you over at!

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